Disabled persons



Travel documents

Clients with a disability, in addition to the usual travel tickets, can have “Regional free travel cards”, which allow to travel alone or with a guide. If the card bears the indication “with a guide”, the disabled person can also travel alone, as long as he is able to get on and off the bus alone.


Clients in wheelchair

The Company is equipping its fleet for the transportation of clients in wheelchairs. At the moment, not the whole fleet is equipped with platform for disabled persons, but the routes that are guaranteed with the platform are indicated on the timetable for the urban service.

For the interurban service, the customers have to alert at least the previous day to allow our staff to organize adequately transport (phone number: 031-247111).

Please note that the transport of only one customer in wheelchair is allowed at a time and therefore if one person is already on board, the driver will not take a second person on the bus.


Handling of the platform: For the boarding and alighting from the vehicle, only the driver has the task to move the platform.


Boarding and alighting from the bus: For the boarding and alighting from the vehicle, the customer must move alone or at least can be helped by his guide. On each bus it is allowed to have only one wheelchair at a time.


Blind and partially sighted persons

Assistance dogs are allowed to free travel even if the blind person is accompained by a guide with free travel ticket.




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