New Line C25 - Como - Argegno



With a view to enhancing supply in view of the summer season and steadily increasing demand, ASF Autolinee is ready to introduce important new features and enhancements that will come into effect as of June 9, 2024.

From 9/6 until 11/9 2024, rides from 7 p.m. on the Menaggio-Argegno or Argegno-Menaggio route are free of charge.

Therefore, passengers who purchase the Como Menaggio ticket pay the T.5 fare (Como-Argegno € 3.50 if purchased on board € 4.90)

While those departing from Menaggio for Como pay the T.5 fare (Argegno-Como € 3.50 if purchased on board € 4.90)


New c25 Como - Argegno line

It is a new line, which will allow the routing of all C10 and C20 runs on the Via Panoramica and will allow for a simpler criterion: the C10 will include only the runs to Menaggio, the C20 the runs to Lanzo.

The special feature of the C25 is that it will run along the lower road, via Lago, with this route: Como San Giovanni - Cernobbio - Moltrasio (wharf) - Carate (wharf) - Laglio (Riva Square) - Torriggia - Brienno (village) - Argegno (terminus Piazza Roma). The service will run year-round. What is new is the service also on holidays (now nonexistent in the lower street), reinforced on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with an evening service.



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C10 line, an upgraded "r-link" line

The C10 becomes an "R-Link," a road line with coordinated schedules with the Como Lago, Como San Giovanni, and Colico train stations.

The departures will be cadenced: from Como at minute 20 (reinforcements at minute 50), from Menaggio to Como at minute 35 (reinforcements at minute 05), from Menaggio to Colico at minute 30 (reinforcements at minute 00), from Colico at minute 35 (reinforcements at minute 05), at Argegno an interchange to/from Valle d'Intelvi is planned at minute 00.

On the Menaggio-Argegno planned summer evening reinforcement, replacing that organized in previous years by some municipalities on a private basis.


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C30 line, "r-link" and enhanced summer offerings

The C30 has been reimagined as "R-Link," with a cadenced structure. Departure is scheduled from Como at minute 50 (reinforcement at minute 20), from Bellagio at minute 01 (reinforcement at minute 31). The interchange with the C32 (bound for Pian del Tivano) is scheduled at Nesso at minute 30.

Compared to summer 2023, this is an increase of 4 pairs of trips, which will become 5 in August. On holidays, 18 pairs of runs will travel with an increase of 4 pairs compared to summer 2023.

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The first “loop” route around Como



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