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ASF Autolinee, a century-long history.


1906: STEC  began its activity in tram transport services from COMO S. Giovanni to the cable car. Two years later, SECAV absorbed STEC and expanded its service outside the city.


1934: STECAV replaced some tram routes with bus routes.


1938: Como-Maslianico and Como-Ponte Chiasso lines began to be turned into trolley-bus lines.


1947: the operation of new Como-Camerlata trolley-bus line began.


1955: disposal of all tram lines, replaced by trolley-buses and buses. 


1974: transfer of the urban services to ACT, managing 6 bus lines. 


1977: ACPT was set up, which acquired all the lines of bankrupt companies SALVI and STECAV.


1989: SOCIETA' PUBBLICA TRASPORTI was set up from the merging of the two Como public transport companies (A.C.T and A.C.P.T.) and began its operations on 1 June 1991. 


2003: SPT Linea S.r.l. was set up, to manage public transport services while SPT S.p.A. retained property ownership, private hire services and the operation of long-distance tourist lines. 


2005: COMO FUN&BUS, STECAV and LECCO TRASPORTI consortia began their operations in the management of local public transport services assigned for 7 years by tender.  


2007: the Company changed its name into ASF AUTOLINEE srl following the sale of 49% of SPT Linea share capital to Omnibus Partecipazioni, set up by ARRIVA ITALIA and FERROVIE NORD S.p.A. 51% of share capital    is still held by SPT S.p.A.




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