A Transparent Company

The information required in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 33/2013 and ANAC [Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority] Resolution 8/2015 is published here below. 

Head of Transparency under Italian Legislative Decree 33/2013 

Bruno Alberto Carraro
Via Asiago 16/18 – 22100 COMO 
Tel. 031.247111 
Fax 031.340900 
Certified E-mail address: segreteria@pec.asfautolinee.it

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The competent office to which the request for civic access can be forwarded is Ing. Fulvio Torregiani reachable at the e-mail address richiestadiaccesso@asfautolinee.it, n. of telephone 031247111.


General civic access can be exercised through Bruno Carraro reachable at the e-mail richiestadiaccesso@asfautolinee.it, n. of telephone 031247111.

Exclusions and limits to civic access (art. 5 bis of Legislative Decree 33/2013) Asf autolinee srl specifies that, pursuant to art. 5 bis of Legislative Decree 33/2013, “generalized” civic access is excluded, in addition to the cases referred to in paragraph 1 of the cited article, even if it is necessary to avoid a concrete prejudice to the protection of one of the following private interests:

  • a) The protection of personal data, in accordance with the relevant legislative framework;
  • b) The freedom and secrecy of correspondence;
  • c) The economic and commercial interests of a natural or legal person, including intellectual property, copyright and trade secrets.

Therefore, without prejudice to the adequate evaluation on a case by case basis and the application of the laws of the sector, all information that is in contrast with strategic or commercial choices of ASF Autolinee Srl also in consideration of possible competitive procedures, negotiations and commercial agreements with respect to which ASF Autolinee Srl may be a party. Furthermore, all information that affects third-party economic, commercial and ASF Autolinee Srl interests cannot be the object of "generalized" civic access.

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