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ASF Autolinee is a public passenger transport organisation in Como and its province.

The share capital of the company is held by S.P.T. S.p.A. (51%) while 49% is owned by Omnibus Partecipazioni (Arriva Italia and Ferrovie Nord Group).

Our company manages public passengers transport services:

  • for the Province of Como, through the STECAV consortium  (www.stecav.it), whose service is carried out by ASF and FNMA
  • in the City of Como and in its urban area, through the COMO FUN&BUS consortium  (www.funandbus.it), operated by ASF for the bus service and by A.T.M. for the cable car service. 

ASF Autolinee plays an important function in supporting social development and the general well-being of the community, ensuring an extensive network of lines and connections. 

Thanks to its 500 employees and 310 buses, ASF Autolinee transports some 20 million passengers and operates over 12.6 million kilometers every year.

The company has 21 depots and garages. ASF also manages the Bus Terminal located in Piazza Matteotti, Como, which is an important interchange point between the main urban and extra-urban lines, railways (Como-Lago station), lake navigation and cable car services.

The legal head office is in Como, Via Asiago 16/18. The Company is registered to the Como Companies Office with registration number REA 272121, VAT number 02660190139. The share capital, fully paid, is € 7.460.785.


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